5 Benefits of Full Mouth Reconstruction

Are you self-aware of your smile? The smile is the first thing people might notice, and they use it to josh if you are friendly or not. Thus a crooked smile might lower your esteem, making it impossible to interact with others and create effective social and work networks. Fortunately, you can improve your smile with full mouth reconstruction Encino, a surgical intervention to improve your facial features. Full mouth reconstruction can be minimally invasive or open surgery, depending on your needed corrections. It has become among the most highly-sought plastic surgery for these reasons.

It Restores Your Smile

The first reason people undergo a full mouth reconstruction procedure is its ability to restore their smile. It addresses cosmetic dental and oral issues such as replacing missing teeth, whitening teeth, and treating periodontal issues. The procedure can improve the appearance of sunk jaws, gum discoloration, recession, and whitening teeth. Thus you can choose the oral makeover which will improve your smile and oral health.

It Fixes Functional Issues

Full mouth reconstruction alleviates functional problems such as an overbite or underbite, making it difficult to chew food. Moreover, the treatment involves replacing lost teeth, as tooth loss leads to eating problems. Thus, you can eat your favorite food after a mouth reconstruction as lost teeth only make one eat soft food.

It Improves the Health of the Teeth

Although oral health seems not to affect your overall health, issues such as periodontitis might lead to heart disease. Moreover, tooth decay indicates too much sugar intake, which could result in diabetes. Thus, undergoing full mouth reconstruction might alleviate periodontitis, thus improving heart health. Moreover, during an appointment, your dentist may advise you to avoid sugary food, which impacts the teeth’ health and cause other health issues. Moreover, the dentist will assess if the teeth in the mouth can be saved after an injury or infection and recommend full mouth reconstruction to restore or replace lost and damaged teeth.

Reverses Gum Diseases

You can effectively treat gum disease in the early stages by cleaning the gums and reconstructing the soft tissue. Moreover, your dentist might use laser treatment and soft tissue grafts to treat periodontitis. Severe periodontitis might result in tooth loss, gum discoloration, deep gum pockets, and bone loss in the jaw.

It Fixes Cleft Palate and Other Deformities

Deformities around the mouth and nose might result in low self-esteem as you think others look at the deformities with a judging eye. Although you may fix the cleft palate when a child is born, some organizations offer free services for cosmetic procedures, and you should not let your child miss the reconstructive procedure. Moreover, full mouth reconstruction may deal with issues such as sleep apnea, and jaw deformities

Full mouth reconstruction is an ideal procedure that improves your smile and contributes to improved dental health. Thus you should consult your dentist to know if you are eligible for full mouth reconstruction. The procedure can improve the smile’s appearance through teeth whitening, replacement of lost teeth, and cosmetic procedures like teeth filling. Moreover, it eliminates congenital issues like cleft palate and deformities around the mouth and nose. It might reduce health issues such as sleep apnea, heart disease, and diabetes.