5 Benefits of Invisalign

Do crooked and misaligned teeth make you self-aware of your smile? You can achieve a bright smile even if you miss getting braces in your teenage years. You can opt for the colorless Invisalign San Ramon braces that correct the teeth quickly. The Invisalign braces move teeth on the whole arch simultaneously, reducing the treatment time. The colorless porcelain braces keep the teeth healthy; you can remove them when eating, thus not affecting your nutrition. Although they would be expensive, you can opt for the Invisalign for these reasons.

They Align Teeth Effectively

Dental misalignment leads to bad odors and cavities as food particles will collect on the created crevices. Moreover, misaligned teeth might not appear appealing and lead to self-awareness. However, traditional braces might be too conspicuous, especially if you align teeth in adulthood. Thus you can choose the Invisalign as they correct the teeth like traditional braces. Moreover, they align the teeth within a short time as they simultaneously move all the teeth on the arch, unlike braces, which move one tooth at a time. Thus you would correct the misalignment within six months.

They are Invisible

Invisalign is invisible, making them the ideal solution for adults who wish to align their teeth. You might shy away from braces if you work in an environment that requires frequent socialization. People are likely to notice the traditional braces as they are made of wires and colored porcelain, which are conspicuous. On the other hand, Invisalign might not be noticeable, and others might not know you have braces unless you inform them.

They Align Teeth within a Short Time

Invisalign aligns the teeth quickly as the dentist fits each tooth on a porcelain cup, making it possible to move all the teeth on the arch simultaneously. You will buy a new set of Invisalign cups after two weeks or a month, depending on the extent of the misalignment. Each new set of Invisalign cups tightens the teeth and aligns them, thus cutting down the treatment time by half.

They Preserve the Teeth, Gums, and Soft Tissues in the Mouth

Braces are made of wires which might puncture the soft tissues lining the mouth, leading to oral problems. Moreover, the wires might cause white spots on the teeth due to mineral leaching. On the other hand, the porcelain Invisalign cups are soft and will not harm the teeth or the soft tosses on the mouth.

They are Easy to Clean

Invisalign is easy to clean as the porcelain cups come with a holding and storage tray. You will remove the cups when cleaning the teeth, place them in a saline solution and let them air dry. You may put them in the holding tray while eating to prevent damaging them.

Misaligned teeth lead to low self-esteem, and aligning them in adulthood might be difficult if you fear judgment. However, you can opt for Invisalign, which is colorless, less conspicuous, and ideal for people working in social work stations. They cut down the alignment time by half, as it is possible to move all the teeth simultaneously. Moreover, they are easy to clean and don’t damage the teeth and gums.