5 Common Myths Revolving Around Invisalign

In the modern days, you can lean on different cosmetic dental treatments. Your choice of dental treatment depends on your dental complications. For instance, if you have misaligned teeth that hinder your perfect smile, invisalign could be the best option. The popularity of invisalign recently has triggered misunderstandings which continue to raise concerns in recent days. Therefore, while anticipating the invisalign from Hendricks Dental Specialists, you should clear misunderstanding through the following debunked myths.

Only Individuals With Crooked Bites Can Benefit From Invisalign

You might have heard some people arguing that invisalign will only help to correct the crooked bite, which is not the case. Notably, the reality is that invisalign helps to address multiple orthodontic concerns such as overcrowding, overbite, underbite, and even arrangement concerns. Therefore, you should contact your doctor to understand whether the invisalign is right for your unique needs.

Invisalign Are Costly

High cost for the invisalign has been one of the concerns for years. However, this baseless belief should never hold you back from seeking the invisalign since they are less expensive than you think. When you compare the cost of the invisalign to that of braces, you will find that they are almost similar. Nevertheless, the benefits of the invisalign outdo the benefits of the braces making the cost of the invisalign worth it.

After the Invisalign Sessions, You Will Have Diet Restriction

Patients wearing traditional braces have some limits regarding their choice of diet. For instance, crunchy veggies and nuts would interfere with the effectiveness of braces in correcting misaligned teeth. Fortunately, when you opt for the invisalign, there are no such restrictions. If you remove the aligners, you can eat any food you wish. After eating the meals, it is recommended that you floss and brush your teeth before placing the aligners.

Smoking Is Alright While Having the Invisalign

Many individuals claim that the aligners cannot get stains even after smoking. However, the reality is that cigarette components can cause discoloration on the aligners, which usually hinders their transparency. Worst of all, removing stains is not always easy, and you may have to replace the aligners, which would cost you. It would be best to quit smoking to avoid those detrimental effects. Quitting the smoking habit will also help you improve your overall health.

Only Adults Can Get The Invisalign

Most institutions advertising Invisalign usually target adults. This instance can make you think they are not good for your teen. Nonetheless, the truth is that through the invisalign teen system, even teenagers can benefit from invisalign. Therefore, if your kid has improper teeth arrangement, you should reach out for the invisalign.

Are you living with dental complications such as misaligned teeth? If yes, you do not have to continue hiding your smile anymore while there is a remedy for you. The expert team at Hendricks Dental Specialists provides advanced invisalign treatment to correct dental complications for their patients, thus boosting their smile. Call the office today to learn more about invisalign or make an online appointment.