5 Key Reasons Why Tooth Replacement is Necessary

May it be a bad fall, injuries, or accidents, there are numerous ways you can lose your teeth. A missing tooth can certainly transform the appearance of your smile. Regardless of how your tooth is lost, it affects tooth alignment over time, paving the way for several oral problems. In most cases, you cannot realize the value of your tooth unless you lose them. Surprisingly, even losing one tooth negatively impacts oral health and confidence. But that doesn’t mean the condition is inevitable since Campbell tooth replacement comes in handy in replacing your missing teeth. Additionally, restorative dentistry incorporates several tooth replacement techniques that you can explore quickly before your condition worsens.

Why Tooth Replacement is Your Best Option

Teeth replacement is in your best interest and is much recommended to safeguard your oral health against severe illnesses. Typically, the space left after tooth loss negatively affects your nutrition, gum health, neighboring teeth, and jawbone. Therefore, replacing your teeth with any replacement varieties safeguards your oral health in the long run. Let’s run through the five reasons you should consider a tooth replacement.

1. It helps better your entire oral health

Generally, every tooth in the mouth supports the surrounding teeth. If one tooth is missing, the neighboring teeth have nothing to lean on and are weak and prone to dental problems. Additionally, the gap left behind after tooth loss stores bacteria that can cause gingivitis which can further affect your entire oral health. Nevertheless, tooth replacement options like implants and dentures help keep your teeth, thus preventing dental issues.

2. It is a boost for your self-esteem

Typically, the first thing people notice about you is your smile. You can likely feel embarrassed to talk or smile in a crowd when you have missing teeth. This negatively impacts your self-confidence, affecting your quality of life. For these reasons, tooth replacement is a huge boost since your teeth will once again look original and natural.

3. It improves your ability to speak and chew

You will likely have difficulty chewing and pronouncing certain words with missing teeth. Replacing your teeth helps your jaw and facial muscles align your bite. Similarly, restorative dentistry will not enable you to speak comfortably but will also grant you the ability to enjoy every meal.

4. It strengthens your jawbone

Naturally, your body detects when you lose teeth and starts absorbing jaw minerals elsewhere. For this reason, you can experience facial collapse since the area around the jaw will start deteriorating. Restoration options like dental implants serve the same purpose as the natural tooth. Moreover, tooth replacement will prevent tartar formation, which severely affects your jawbone.

5. It improves your teeth’s functionality

One of the leading reasons for tooth replacement is for them to function effectively. Eating with a missing tooth will be difficult because the left gap will not contribute to chewing and grinding food. Having your missing tooth replaced will improve and restore the functions of your teeth.

Although sometimes you cannot exempt yourself from instances that cause tooth loss, you should seek tooth replacement in such cases. At Ueno Center Dental Specialist, a team of dental experts offers technologically advanced quality tooth replacement techniques. They also allow you to explore different options and guide you on the most appropriate one. If missing teeth have affected your quality of life, consider scheduling your appointment with us today!