5 Lifestyle Behaviors That Fuel Foot Pain

Imagine how heartbreaking it can be to continuously miss work due to chronic foot pains. We all rely on our feet to function effectively in our everyday tasks. However, your feet are at risk of experiencing chronic pains. When foot pain arises, it is tempting to believe that one of your bones is broken, but many other conditions can erupt pain, like muscle, ligaments, and tendon problems. Luckily all these problems can be reversed at Foot and Ankle Specialist in Texas. Surprisingly, not only do underlying conditions like arthritis fuel foot pain, but also your lifestyle habits can largely contribute. Our board-certified podiatrist highlights the five lifestyle behaviors that can cause foot pain and injury.

1. Ignoring your excess weight

Cutting the extra pounds can be challenging but managing your weight plays a crucial role in protecting your overall health, including foot health. Generally, being overweight puts pressure on your foot muscles and joints and can cause inflammation. Similarly, being weighty can significantly weaken tendons and ligaments in your feet and ankles. Plantar fasciitis commonly known as flat feet, can cause foot pain when you stand or walk.

2. Exercising too much and too fast

Although exercising is critical for a healthy mind and helps in weight loss, it can trigger foot pain if exaggerated. Vigorous exercise strains your muscle and joints, leading to inflammation and pain in the affected areas. Your foot tissues are fond of a specific exercise rate, and prolonging it will only worsen your situation. Skipping your warm-ups and cool-downs can intensify your risk for sporting injuries like sprains, strains, and fractures.

3. Having the wrong footwear

Typically, your shoes might be the right match for your outfit, but most stylish shoes are the worst option for your foot. Shoes like high heels, stilettos, and shoes with narrow toe beds can cause blisters, sore feet, hammertoes, bunions, and plantar fasciitis. Similarly, wearing the wrong shoes for a designated activity like sports can harm your feet. Your shoes impact your leg joints and can harm your lower back spine if there is too much pressure. Always wear shoes that are well-equipped to safeguard your foot health.

4. Wearing worn-out shoes

Even the recommended footwear can cause foot pain if they become worn out. Wearing shoes for a long time makes them lose their arch support leading to arch pains and further affecting your hip and knee. Podiatrists constantly advise that you replace your shoes whenever they show signs of wear and tear for your foot safety. If you are active in sports, consider changing your shoes in every activity session.

5. Snubbing your foot care

Just like any other body part, your foot requires sustenance care. Keeping your feet healthy and clean paves room for practical functionality, thus reducing any chances of strains, sprains, and pain. Accommodate practical foot care tips regularly to prevent further muscle damage and tendon inflammation. For instance, if you have diabetes and ignore a slight cut, the wound can last long before it heals. Constantly take time to pamper your feet often.

Chronic foot pain can affect your functionality both at home and workplace. Whether you are suffering from foot pain, professional podiatrists in the Woodlands, Memorial City, and Huntsville, Texas, are no strangers to treating foot pain. They offer specialized care with state-of-the-art technology for a quick recovery. Don’t let foot pain overrule your good life. Book your treatment session with us today!