Cosmetic Gum Surgery Top Benefits

Do you have a gummy smile, also referred to as a gingival display? When too much of your gum tissue shows when you smile, it can affect your confidence. You may no longer smile confidently in public, which impacts your social and professional life. Whether the gummy smile is genetic, from gum inflation or prescription medication, to name a few factors, you don’t have to let it impact your lifestyle. You can turn to smile makeover Huntington Beach, have cosmetic surgery, and spot a dazzling smile while realizing other health benefits.

The cosmetic dental industry has significantly evolved, providing you with innovative tools and procedures that make it easier to spot and maintain a bright and healthier smile. Among the procedures is cosmetic gum surgery, also called gingivoplasty, gum contouring, or gingival sculpting. The procedure contours the gum for an aesthetically pleasing look and helps improve oral health. Among the top cosmetic gum surgery contributions includes:

Address tooth sensitivity

Cosmetic gum surgery does not just work for those with excessive gum tissue. If your gum has been eroded, the surgery can also be a great option to restore your smile and help address the sensitivity. You know how frustrating it gets when you can’t comfortably enjoy an ice cream treat or drink/eat hot items due to teeth sensitivity. When your gums wear away, they expose your teeth’s nerves, causing pain and/or sensitivity. The surgery can help contour the gums, ensuring they fit snugly over your teeth. This provides the needed nerve protection, addressing the sensitivity.

Keep gum disease at bay

Excessive gum tissue creates more space for plaque accumulation. The tartar can easily go unnoticed, exposing you to the dangers of developing gum disease. Even with practical oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing, you might not be as effective. When the buildup turns to tartar, your hygiene measures are hardly productive; it requires professional cleaning. Once the infection hits, it can quickly spread and weaken your teeth, not just the gum. You could lose a tooth and likely need costly and demanding treatment to reverse the damage. Cosmetic gum surgery eliminates the excessive tissue, leaving little space for plaque buildup. You will have an easier time keeping the plaque at bay with your oral hygiene routine, limiting the chances of gum disease.

Symmetrical gum line

An asymmetrical gum line is as bad for your smile as excessive gum tissue. This happens when the gum covering each tooth is unequal, meaning some are more exposed while others seem to disappear in the gum. Cosmetic gum surgery can help contour and ensure they match, offering an aesthetically pleasing look. You will spot even length from one tooth to the next, giving you a dazzling smile.

A smile says a lot, especially since it is the most outstanding feature. However, you might not be as comfortable smiling if it is affected by your gum tissue. After cosmetic gum surgery, you can regain confidence, smile more often, and improve your social life. Such confidence impacts other parts of your life, helping you become happier and more productive. Visit Orange Coast Dental Specialty for more on cosmetic gum surgery and other smile makeover procedures.