Effect of CBD on Men vs. Women

Women and men are different in many ways. This is true. But does this mean that CBD has a different effect on women than it does on men? Are there any CBD products that are more effective for men than women?

CBD and Women

Women today use CBD products to treat a variety of issues and ailments. Because the female body is unique, CBD products offer benefits that can only be seen in women.

Women with high estrogen levels can experience mood swings and other emotional reactions that are not experienced by men. Some women may experience mood swings stabilizing because of CBD and other endocannabinoids. Because CBD interacts with estrogen, it can help to reduce anxiety and depression, especially in women.

Women who experience PMS often have issues with bloating, cramping, and inflammation. Because CBD oil is so effective in reducing inflammation and pain, this is a particularly good time to use CBD. Also, CBD can make you more comfortable, and improve your mood.

CBD and Men

CBD has men-specific benefits. However, men will likely need a higher CBD content than women to get the same results.

Research has shown that the initial boost in testosterone lasts only a short time. Although CBD is thought to be an aphrodisiac, it doesn’t last very long. It will also vary in how long it lasts depending on who you are.

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