Foods to Avoid with Dentures

Dentures are a great way to replace natural teeth that have been damaged, decayed, or missing due to an accident. Dentures look and function exactly like your natural teeth, and you won’t feel any weirdness inside your mouth when you wear them. However, while dentures are strong and durable enough, you should be careful about what to eat when you first get them. 

At the end of the day, humans cannot make something like natural teeth. Dentures are not as strong, and you may need to take more care of your artificial teeth than you did for your natural ones. If you need to get dentures in Buffalo Grove, consult with a dentist today. Meanwhile, here is a list of food items you should initially avoid after getting dentures. 

Foods to avoid with dentures 

  • Popcorn. 

Popcorn is a popular snack, especially when watching a movie or tv series. However, it can be problematic for people who have newly gotten dentures. While popcorn may seem like a simple snack, biting on a hard kernel can be damaging to your dentures. Sometimes a popcorn kernel may get stuck inside your teeth, a problem that worsens with dentures. Removing a stuck kernel from inside the dentures can be highly irritating, and you will experience discomfort unless you remove it. 

  • Sticky foods. 

If you enjoy sticky food items, like caramel toffees, dried fruit, and lollies, you should probably avoid them after you get dentures. This is because sticky foods can cause your artificial teeth to dislodge and cause inconvenience until you visit your dentist. You have already spent so much money on dentures. You do not want to cause financial burdens by not taking care of your new teeth.

Sticky foods can be difficult to remove; they come in contact with your gums when stuck inside your teeth. This could further lead to tooth decay and gum diseases. 

  • Steak and tough meat. 

Steak and other kinds of tough meat can be too much for your teeth, regardless of whether you are eating them with or without dentures. You are going to experience an even harder time chewing if you eat this meat with your dentures. Even if the meat is tender and can be cut through with a butter knife, it can still cause problems for your dentures. 

These are some food items you need to avoid when you have dentures. This not only ensures that you will experience fewer dental problems, but your dentures will also last for a longer time.