Getting Dental Implants: The Factors that Can Influence the Cost of Treatment in Bethesda

Dental implants are a reliable solution for people who have missing teeth. Although they can be expensive upfront, their cost is not the same for everyone. This post explores the major factors that can impact dental implant costs and how to ensure you get a new smile without breaking the bank.

The Number of Implants Needed

Depending on how many teeth you lost, your Bethesda dentist will decide on the number of implants you need to guarantee safe and effective results. Generally, one titanium implant post is enough for one missing tooth. If you have several missing teeth, you will need two titanium posts and between 4 to 8 implant posts if you have lost all your teeth. 

Naturally, the cost of your implant treatment increases as you need more implants. But when compared with traditional dentures, dental implants help you save money down the road since you do not have to buy denture adhesive, spend money on getting replacements or adjustments, or purchase special cleaning supplies. 

Preliminary Treatments

Although preliminary treatments are not a requirement for all patients, you may need to undergo procedures such as bone grafting, tooth extraction, or periodontal therapy before dental implant placement. When you consult with your dentist, they will check your facial structure and oral cavity with the use of advanced dental technology. They will decide if your jawbone has sufficient density and if you have symptoms of gum disease or serious tooth decay. If so, the dentist will request that you get extra appropriate treatments. 

The Dentist

Dental implant costs also depend on who places the implant on you. In general, the more trained and experienced the dentist, the higher the cost of your implant. But you will want to get your implant only from a knowledgeable and experienced dental professional. Replacing teeth takes several years of practice and instruction. But the investment will be worth it if you get implants that last a lifetime. 

Implant Materials

The majority of dental implants are made using titanium or titanium alloy, as this material fuses with the bone properly. Also, some dentists provide zirconium, which is biocompatible and also blends in well with real teeth. 

Although the cost of implant surgery may not be covered by dental insurance, the latter may cover a part of your preliminary treatments. Also, some dental practices have membership plans for their patrons through which they can get a discount on treatment or even apply for flexible financing.