Heavy Metal Detox Diet and its Benefits

The accumulation of metals like aluminium, lead and mercury in the body can lead to certain health complications. It may cause congenital disabilities, infertility, autism, dementia, thyroids problems, and cardiovascular complications. Therefore, it is essential to avoid excessive compounds intake and learn ways to eliminate the items from the body.

Reducing your Intake of Heavy Metals

Enrolling in heavy metal detox program will reduce the presence of the compounds in your body. Still, it is necessary to take the proactive approach to living healthy by avoiding harmful items to the body. Here are steps that can help you reduce the chances of heavy metals consumption;

  • Avoid places with chipping paint. Old paint products will have lead which is harmful to your health. Please be more careful with children as they can eat the chippings. 
  • Filtered water is the best for drinking as it will not have heavy metals. Also, please stay away from air and water pollution areas as it exposes you to the compounds.
  • Vaccines that prevent contracting flu might use mercury as a preservative, which is unhealthy. Although manufacturers stay away from the ingredients, some products are in the market with the compounds, and you should avoid them.
  • Select dental work that does not expose you to the metals. Tooth fillings usually have mercury.
  • Be careful about your fish intake. The larger and older ones will accumulate mercury from water. It would help select fish types that do not increase your intake of metals.

Switching to a Healthy Diet

You can significantly reduce your heavy metal intake by being conscious of what you eat. So, it is essential to develop a diet for your healthy living. You can get recipes and ideas from online blogs. Consider the plans and how you can implement them in your life. However, it is best to consult a physician or nutritionist to help with your diet.

On the other hand, you can adopt natural heavy metal detox methods. Below are things you need to do to eliminate the harmful compounds from the body;

  • Avoid harmful substances: tobacco and alcohol will increase your heavy metal intake. It is advisable to stop the habits. You can switch to organic foods and take less caffeine.
  • Body cleansing: fasting can help the body digest food in the stomach. However, it is a risky step to detoxification, and you should consult your doctor before starting the practice. But, it helps with body cleansing and preparing the body for healthy eating.
  • Drink plenty of water: apart from fasting to cleanse the body, you can achieve the feat by drinking a lot of water. Still, you can drink green tea to help with detoxification.
  • Switch to a new diet: you can avoid the heavy metals by limiting your intake of sweeteners as they may have the compounds. 
  • Supplement your minerals and vitamin intake: the body functioning improves when you get the proper nutrients. You can use supplements to get the minerals and vitamins you need to eliminate heavy metals from your body.