How Diabetes And Erectile Dysfunction Interrelated – Know Here 

Erectile dysfunction was once a disorder that was caused because of poor blood circulation to the genitals. As researches were conducted on this issue, it brought to light many unknown facts about the connection between erectile dysfunction and some disorders such as diabetes, headaches, and so on. 

Many remedies were designed to help men enjoy their sexual lives to the fullest, even though they were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Such medications are available in various concentrations, and you can find more about their effect on erectile dysfunction by checking out the webpage 

Diabetes and ED 

Diabetes has become one of the most commonly diagnosed issues today. Studies have proven that diabetes does not have any particular age and can be diagnosed even in babies that are a few months old. While discussing ED and diabetes, it is proven that people who show symptoms of diabetes two will develop ED in their later years. 

Some men who were diagnosed with diabetes did not develop ED in their later years. When the health of such men was checked, it was revealed that these men led a very healthy lifestyle and never compromised with their food, exercise, and other such routine. Hence, it was concluded that the diagnosis of ED in men with diabetes 2 is completely dependent on the way they follow the diet and lifestyle. 


The nervous system and blood circulation are correlated to one another. Diabetes 2 will damage the nervous system and the blood vessels in the body. As a result, the blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood to the genitals cannot fulfil their work, resulting in the development of ED in men in the later years. 

Some additional causes of ED are, 

  • Stress 
  • Anxiety 
  • Poor management of blood sugar 
  • Prescription drugs to control depression, pain, and blood pressure 
  • Obesity 
  • Poor diet habits 
  • Inactive lifestyle 
  • Smoking and alcohol usage 


The best way of understanding whether you have an ED issue or not is by understanding the erection profile, such as the duration, frequency with which you feel the arousal, the time required to get into the mood for sexual activities, and so on. Consult a urologist as soon as you notice any abnormality in this pattern. 

Some men do not prefer talking about their sexual problems due to many reasons. The experts suggest never to feel shy or closed while speaking about sexual issues. Open conversations with the experts are the best way to ensure your issue is heard and the right medications are prescribed to handle the problem in the best possible way. 

Many medications have worked their charm on erectile dysfunction conditions. One such option is Levitra. Also known as vardenafil, this drug is very famous for offering the expected results during sexual activities. You can try it once to understand its effects on your body. Every pill can guarantee the erection of more than 4 to 5 hours. 

Before planning to take vardenafil, the experts suggest consulting your urologist to understand whether it is best to choose this supplement. The right way to enjoy the benefits of this pill is to know how it can be your helping aid for a wonderful sexual life.