How Should You Manage Your Child’s Toothache in Sterling Heights Michigan

Toothaches are still a major issue among children. Although you always encourage your child to stay on top of brushing and flossing, they still love candy. As a parent, you need to install positive dental habits in your kid from an early age and ensure they take their oral hygiene routine seriously. However, dental issues such as cavities can still occur. If your child has a toothache, you should know what to do. It is best to consult with a Sterling Heights Michigan pediatric dentist as soon as possible, especially if the toothache is persistent. 

Possible Causes of Toothache in Children

Although only a dentist can diagnose your child, knowing some of the causes of toothache might help you deal with your child’s condition at home. Kids can get cavities, so if they have been missing their dental appointments, the ache might have to do with tooth decay or a cavity. A toothache can occur due to an infected or abscessed tooth, damaged filling, fractured tooth, teeth grinding, and gum infection. Although your child’s toothache might be mild and doesn’t require some treatment, it may also be due to a serious condition. You do not want to take chances, so it is best to have a dentist diagnose your child’s condition.

Steps to Take If Your Kid Complains of Toothache

Once your child says they are feeling pain in their teeth, contact their dentist immediately. It is quite concerning if the pain does not subside within one day. During your child’s dental appointment, tell the dentist the severity of your child’s pain because this might mean a more severe cause. Your child may require immediate dental attention when they experience pain when they open their mouth, have a fever, and have an earache. 

Such symptoms may mean a spread of dental infection to other parts of your child’s mouth, skull, or bloodstream. Although this level of infection is rare, you need to pay attention to your child until a dentist can examine them. 

Before the appointment, make sure you do not feed your child food that can irritate their tooth or the surrounding gums. Follow the advice of their dentist and pediatrician about pain management techniques that include pain-relieving medications. 

How to Prevent Toothaches

When it comes to your child’s dental health, prevention is always important. If your child’s toothache is due to tooth decay, this can be prevented by encouraging them to practice good oral hygiene. This includes brushing their teeth twice every day, flossing every day, rinsing the mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash once or twice every day, seeing a dentist every six months, and reducing sugar intake.