Teeth whitening – all you need to know

A bright white smile is everyone’s desire. Whiter teeth look clean and hygienic. Also, if you spot someone with yellow teeth, you’ll presume that they don’t take good care of their oral hygiene. But sadly, somehow, even people who brush regularly can have tooth discoloration as it depends on various other factors. Don’t worry! It can be fixed. If you are spotting stains on your teeth or yellowish tint, you can schedule a teeth whitening procedure with a good family dentist in North Central Phoenix. A teeth whitening treatment will help you in restoring the natural colors of your teeth. Want to know more? Read below to understand more about teeth whitening:

The whitening process removes surface stains 

In the teeth whitening process, the dentist uses a peroxide solution on your teeth and removes stains using laser or Ultraviolet light. Thus, it will only get rid of the surface stains and discoloration, and the results may vary from patient to patient. In short, your teeth will return to their original color and not change their color to extra white.

Cleaner teeth will be easy to whiten 

If you’re planning to get a teeth whitening treatment, try getting cleaning treatments first. A teeth cleaning procedure will remove the unwanted stains and germs in your mouth and thereby improve the efficiency of the teeth whitening procedure.

Fillings and restorations won’t whiten

If you have a dental implant or cavity filling, do not expect that the teeth whitening procedure will have an impact on the restoration and filling. It will only brighten your natural teeth. Or if you are planning to get a dental implant and teeth whitening, go for a dental implant first and then for the latter procedure.

Teeth whitening can last up to a year

The duration of teeth whitening staying in place is a year. However, these results differ in different individuals and also in the skills and quality of service provided by the dentist. Consequently, do not try and get a teeth whitening procedure more than twice a year, as it will damage your enamel.

However, if you are scared of dental procedures, you can try other alternatives; however, for an instant and long-term solution, visit your dentist. In addition, there is nothing to feel worried about, as teeth whitening procedures won’t hurt. It’s just like a comfortable cosmetic treatment and will impart the same feeling as when you visit a saloon.