The Importance of Cleaning Between Teeth 

Interdental cleaning is a vital step in maintaining the health of your teeth and gums. And a dentist or two could have told you to make it part of your brushing practice. Even if you do not do it yet, it is never too late to begin the journey toward healthier teeth. If you wish to learn more about dental care for residents of Burlingame, schedule an appointment with a dentist today. 

What is interdental cleaning? 

Cleaning the spaces between our teeth and gums is called interdental cleaning. Dental floss has been highly suggested for a long time. Interdental brushes, on the other hand, are a popular and effective option. They are easier to use than floss and feature hundreds of tiny bristles to help clean your teeth thoroughly. 

Wooden plaque removers, dental picks, and interdental sticks are more alternatives. They allow you to get straight to the business by identifying a place, then gently moving in and out to remove plaque. A pre-threaded flosser could make things easier if you like to floss but do not like wrapping your fingers around it. 

When should you clean between your teeth? 

A daily brushing between your teeth removes plaque from hard-to-reach spots where your toothbrush cannot reach. This helps to prevent plaque buildup, which can lead to gum disease, bad breath, and possibly tooth decay. We would all prefer to avoid these things, so it is a good idea to implement interdental cleaning into your daily brushing routine. 

Using an interdental brush daily on top of your regular brushing is a simple yet efficient approach to keeping your teeth and gums healthy and fresh. Cleaning between your teeth daily is recommended to maintain oral health and hygiene.

When you first begin cleaning between your teeth, your gums may feel sore and bleed, but this should not stop you because bleeding gums are often an indication of inflammation in the gums. Contact your dental professional if you do not see a difference within a few days. 

Benefits of interdental cleaning 

Some of the most significant advantages of professionally done interdental cleaning are: 

  • Gum diseases can cause tooth loss, and cleaning your teeth can help prevent them. 
  • One person dies from oral cancer per hour in the United States alone, although many diseases are treatable if diagnosed early during routine cleaning. 
  • Most stains that discolor and dull your teeth can be removed by your dental hygienist, leaving you with a brighter, whiter smile. 
  • During a professional dental cleaning, your dentist can quickly notice early indicators of problems, including fractures and broken fillings. 

We may improve our lives by knowing what we can do to build and maintain good dental health. If you have not visited your dentist in a while, do not waste any more time and schedule an appointment today.