Top 5 Benefits of Early Orthodontic Therapy

Parents everywhere are increasingly aware of the significance of oral hygiene and how it can have a direct impact on one’s entire health and well-being. As such, it is important particularly for youngsters, as their bones and bodies are still developing, to maintain good oral health. Orthodontic therapy may seem overwhelming for some parents, particularly if their kids still have baby teeth. Nonetheless, some dental concerns could be avoided or enhanced with early orthodontic therapy. At Freedom Orthodontics, Dr. Brendan Smith provides a full scope of kids’ orthodontics, ranging from preventative care to addressing common concerns like misalignments. If you are still uncertain whether to consider Cedar Park children’s orthodontics, here are some benefits of early orthodontic care.

1)     Early Identification of Possible Issues

Your kid’s orthodontist will initially identify any issues with their mouth and jaw. Occasionally, early detection of these issues will prevent future surgery and consequences for your kid. If your youngster does not require emergency care, the orthodontist will monitor their growth to ensure that their teeth and jaw are appropriately aligned.

2)     Reduce Tooth Decay Risk

With straight teeth, children can clean the entire mouth and reach difficult-to-reach regions. Additionally, straight teeth could make it easier for kids to floss and keep their mouths clean. Kids with crooked teeth are more prone to develop cavities as it is more difficult for them to maintain good oral hygiene.

Your kid must visit an orthodontist before seven years old, as misaligned teeth may cause major health issues. Preventive dentistry and treatments like braces are the most effective methods for safeguarding your kid’s dental health.

3)     Address Nighttime Teeth Grinding

If your kid experiences neck pain or headaches, it may be related to teeth grinding. Teeth grinding is often related to a misaligned jaw, which, if not treated early on, could result in other issues later in life. With braces and elastics, the orthodontist can help your kid’s jaw move to its correct position, alleviating any troublesome symptoms they experience. 

4)     Fix Unhealthy Habits Like Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is a natural reaction from birth to about five years. However, some children continue thumb-sucking until adolescence. If your kid does not cease sucking their thumb by the time they begin school, they are more likely to suffer dental and bone problems. In such cases, an orthodontist may suggest that your child wears a brace to discourage them from thumb-sucking while also correcting any misalignment concerns.

5)     Helps with Speech

Parents may not consider a child’s teeth a possible source of speech issues. Nevertheless, misaligned jaws or teeth could impact your kid’s communication ability. If your kid slurs, lisps, or has difficulties with ‘T’ and ‘S’ sounds, orthodontic treatment could be beneficial! Continuous rectification of teeth and alignment throughout growth is the most effective method for addressing this issue.

There are numerous advantages to beginning orthodontic treatment early. Your kid will value the outcomes of the therapy and like their new smile! A well-aligned smile often results in improved self-confidence, something your youngster could retain throughout their lives. Dr. Brendan Smith of Freedom Orthodontics is pleased to provide top-quality orthodontic care. If you are seeking a pediatric orthodontist in Texas, schedule a consultation through mobile or book online today.