Why You May Be Forced to Get a Tooth Extraction

A beautiful smile will go a long way in making another person’s day. When you always wear a gloomy face, you can even develop wrinkles in the place. Maintaining a healthy dental formula is essential to ensure you enjoy a good smile and your favorite meal. However, there are times when you relax and your teeth get damaged or broken accidentally. In this scenario, your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction since that is the only remedy to save a more damaged tooth. When you visit a good teeth extractions Bellevue specialist at EZ Dental Clinic, your dental problems become history. The team has experience in dental health, ensuring your smile and lifestyle come first. Here are some reasons for getting a tooth extraction.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is the most common cause of tooth extraction worldwide. When you stay for years without visiting your dentist and get a bad tooth, the dentist may have no choice but to recommend an extraction. Your tooth may have decayed for years, but it cannot be repaired through other treatment methods. A decay will first affect the enamel before it can escalate to the inner part of the tooth. Once it gets to the nerves, you suffer from a root canal infection. If you stay longer without treatment, the damage becomes severe, and you will eventually lose your tooth. The dentist recommends an extraction followed by tooth restoration treatment.

Gum Disease

Gum disease destroys your teeth the same way as tooth decay if left untreated. Prolonged gum diseases cause the gum tissues to degenerate. It also affects the bone and ligaments that support the teeth. Continuous degeneration makes the teeth lose. The teeth will begin falling on their own, or the dentist may recommend extractions to remove the loose teeth since they cannot be fixed. They will then treat the gum disease and replace teeth to restore your natural appearance.

Overcrowded Teeth

When you visit an orthodontist, they may recommend tooth extraction if your teeth are overcrowded. Tooth extraction may help with permanent removal to create enough space on the remaining set. They will then help align the remaining teeth, so they sit flush with one another. The procedure is commonly done on children and teenagers since they experience this problem when they remove their milk teeth.

Impacted Teeth

This is a tooth that partially erupts and fails to grow fully and align with the other set. It remains on the gum line. The problem occurs due to a displaced tooth, overcrowding, or odd angles. The jaw may not be large enough to accommodate all teeth. In this case, the dentist may recommend tooth extraction to remove the impacted teeth and ensure you have uniform teeth of the same height.

Teeth are sensitive and require utmost care to ensure they remain healthy. If you cannot care for your teeth by brushing and flossing regularly, you will not miss visiting your dentist for a tooth extraction. If you experience a severely damaged tooth, EZ Dental Clinic has a remedy for you. They will examine and diagnose your problem and prepare you for extraction if the tooth is beyond repair. You can begin by scheduling an online consultation or calling their office today.