5 Benefits of Physical Therapy After Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recorded that more than 42,000 Americans died from motor vehicle accidents in 2021. That represents a 10% plus increase in casualties compared to 2020. The National Safety Council further estimated that in 2020, more than four million Americans got severe injuries from automobile collisions. You may have a Roswell motor vehicle accident injury due to drunk driving, speeding, failure to use a seatbelt, distracted driving, or drowsy driving. And the most common types of motor vehicle accident injuries include soft tissue injuries, scrapes and cuts, head injuries, chest injuries, back injuries, and arm and leg injuries.

Physical therapy is a standard treatment option for car accident injuries, and it involves strengthening or repairing your musculoskeletal system and healing tissues. The physical therapist may also rely on other treatment approaches like chiropractic care, spinal surgery, and epidural steroid injections.

Consequently, below are the benefits you may receive from physical therapy.

  • Accelerates recovery

It will take a lot of time to recover from an auto accident if you do not receive proper treatment. A physical therapist has the training and experience to determine the quickest path to your rehabilitation and recovery.

The exercises and stretches your physical therapist recommends will ensure faster healing of the affected injury site and that the damage does not worsen. Physical therapy improves blood flow and relieves muscle pressure, which is essential for improving flexibility and range of motion.

  • Alleviates pain

Your physical therapist will prescribe exercises, stretches, and manual therapies to restore proper blood circulation to and from the injured location.

Enhanced blood flow increases the delivery of essential nutrients, including oxygen, that an injured site requires for healing and recovery. Also, physical therapy relieves the strain on muscles, which helps eliminate pain and discomfort.

Physical therapy also may reduce or eliminate your reliance on pain relief medications. Since you have encouraged the body to heal naturally and cope with pain, you may not have to purchase expensive pain relief medications.

  1. Prevents long-lasting damage

Pain and injury from a motor vehicle accident may persist for weeks or months when you do not receive proper treatment. Resuming your daily activities without fully recovering may aggravate the injury.

A physical therapist will work to provide the best therapy sessions depending on your needs so that you do not suffer from the long-lasting effects of an injury, such as migraines and chronic pain.

  • Supports a court case

You must pursue a lawsuit if you want compensation for your car accident injury. A physical therapist can help you gather crucial evidence that supports the extent of your body damage. The report from the physical therapist can help prove the accident’s impact on the quality of your life to help convince the court you deserve the maximum compensation.

  • Prevents a surgical procedure

A severe road accident injury will likely require surgery. Still, you may need to undergo a surgical procedure later in life without adequately addressing a non-life-threatening injury, mainly through physical therapy.

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