Common Myths about Hammertoes

Legs play a crucial role in the body since it helps the person to stand and move from one part to the other. Similar to other organs, they are also likely to suffer from injuries. One of the common conditions that people are likely to suffer is hammertoes. Since this condition is painful, it prompts them to seek treatment. If you are suffering from Bakersfield hammertoe, you should seek treatment before the condition worsens. The following are the common myths regarding hammertoes you should stop believing.

They can only be treated by Surgery

Some people believe that hammertoes can only be treated by surgery. Even though surgery can treat them, it is the only solution. In most instances, the podiatrist does not suggest the surgery first because it has higher risks, more pain, and a long recovery period. If the hammertoe is diagnosed early, the specialist can instruct you to wear specially-made insoles. The podiatrist can also suggest exercises or stretches aimed at the muscle of the toe. The specialist usually suggests surgery when other treatments have failed.

Corns Does Not Have Any Relationship with Hammertoe

Some people believe that corn is a condition of its own. However, the truth is it is developed due to a hammertoe. Some people have tried to use over-the-counter corn pads or cut them off themselves. However, specialists criticize this process since it can cause an infection or cause toe amputation if you have diabetes or circulatory problems.  

They are Only Caused by Arthritis

Some people believe that all hammertoes are only a result of arthritis. Even though arthritis can cause hammertoes, it is not the only reason. Sometimes the person can suffer the condition after wearing too narrow or tight-toe high-heeled shoes. This process is more when the person has long toes. When your toe crowd in one area, they are likely to curl downward, leading to a person suffering a hammertoe. There are also other instances where hereditary factors cause hammertoes.

The Hammertoes Treatments are Painful

 Most people fear experiencing pain and look for measures to avoid it. Most people have been avoiding seeking hammertoe treatment since they believe it will expose them to excruciating pain, which will take a long time to recover. However, you should not worry since the treatment process is not as painful as most people think.

Hammertoes will go away naturally

Some people have been avoiding treatment since they believe that hammertoes will go away by themselves. However, the truth is that hammertoes do not go away naturally. Rather than going away, they worsen with time. You should therefore seek treatment for hammertoes as early as possible since it will make the treatment process easy.

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