Debunking the Common Back Pain Myths

Back pain is one of the most common conditions affecting people. Most back pains are serious and seize on their own, while others are serious and worsen if they remain unattended. One challenge of back pain is that it is hard to diagnose, which can delay the treatment process. Since the back is a complex organ, most people with Jersey City back pain seek treatment from a qualified specialist. If you want back pain treatment, the following are the common myths you should stop believing.

Exercise Worsens Back Pain

Most people believe that they should stop exercising when they experience back pain. However, this is not true since exercises help reduce back pain. Exercises boost the individual’s back and abdominal muscles, which helps to stabilize and support the spine. When you have an injury, you should engage in moderate exercises, such as low-impact aerobics and walking. Since extreme exercises can injure your back, you should inquire about the best exercises at any point with the specialist.

It Can Only Be Treated Through a Surgery

Most people believe surgery is the only solution to back pain. Even though surgery is one of the treatments, it is not the only one. In most instances, surgery is used as the last option when all the other treatments have failed. The main reason is surgery is painful and risky, and people will take a long time to recover. In addition to surgery, specialists have other treatments, such as physical therapy and medications.

Always Sit Up Straight

Even though slouching is bad since it will cause a strain in the back, if you sit straight for long periods, you are also likely to cause a strain on your back. Even though you will maintain a straight back, you should always take breaks several times a day. In some instances, you should lean back on your chair when you maintain your feet on the floor and make your back slightly curved. You should also stand and walk around for a few minutes.

Skinny People are Pain-Free

Some people believe they will not experience back pain since they are skinny. Even though being overweight increases the pain due to extra pressure, thin people are also at risk. For example, thin people, such as those with eating disorders, may have bone loss. They will have a high risk of having crushed vertebrae or broken bones. You should, therefore, not ignore back pain simply because you are thin.

Bed Rest is Always the Answer

Some people believe that they should have bed rest whenever they suffer from back pain. Even though bed rest can help to solve the problem, depending on the severity of the injury, prolonged bed rest could worsen the condition and slow the recovery process. Even if you have bed rest, you should combine it with light exercises.

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