Fighting Tooth Decay in Scottsdale: How Composite Fillings Can Help

Over the years, your teeth and gums have been exposed to bacteria that come from food, kissing, and dirty hands. Subsequently, this can result in tooth decay when you do not brush your teeth regularly.  And without dental intervention, you may lose this tooth. When you visit a dentist for your family in Scottsdale, you will be presented with different options to save your tooth. One of these options is composite fillings. Read on to know more about how filings can help fight tooth decay:

Stopping Decay

Dental cavities that appear with tooth decay eat away your teeth. This occurs without being noticed at first, although it may lead to mild pain. When you visit your dentist, they will remove the decay first before they put a composite filling.

Prevent Further Decay

Tooth decay tends to spread. It will eat away at your mouth’s softer tissue. The decay can impact the roots and gums, causing further problems. When you do not get dental fillings, the decay can progress to extreme lengths. Thus, a great composite filling will stop the affected tooth from decaying and prevent the spread of the decay. Also, your dentist will cover all access points for decay. 

Fill Cavities

After getting rid of the decay in the affected area, your dentist will fill the cavity with a composite filling, which is a tooth-colored filling. This restores the health of your tooth and stops any pain you might experience from the cavity. 

Repair Broken Tooth

Your teeth can crack or chip for various reasons. Unfortunately, this can allow bacteria to get to the deeper parts of your tooth. Your dentist can use a composite filling to repair the damage and make sure you will not suffer again in the future. 

Improve Tooth Strength

Tooth decay causes your tooth to lose strength. When a tooth is weak, it becomes prone to cracks and chips. Getting rid of the decay won’t help. Your dentist will use a composite filling to improve the strength of the tooth. This makes sure your tooth is protected against further decay and damage. 

Reduce Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is quite uncomfortable, and if your teeth are damaged, the sensitivity can get worse. However, treating your teeth with composite fillings makes them less susceptible to sensitivity. Also, the resin utilized in the fillings will insulate your teeth from extreme temperatures. As a result, you will no longer have to suffer from the discomfort associated with sensitivity.