How to Keep It Calm for Your Gynecological Exam

Regular gynecological appointments are critical for women of all ages. Women’s health needs are unique, and such visits allow the gynecologist to assess their reproductive and sexual health in detail. Although it is natural to feel nervous about the visit, the OB/GYN San Pedro specialists offer compassionate care to ensure everyone is comfortable. Also, it is important to let your provider understand how you feel and advise you accordingly. You can lessen those fears in several ways, as outlined below. Follow through to find out more.

Work with a Trusted Provider

Sometimes all it takes to feel comfortable about your gynecological visit is dealing with the right person. Therefore, it is crucial to take some time and search for a favorable gynecologist, especially if you are going for your first visit. You can search for gynecologists near you and check out their online reviews. It might not be easier to trust online reviews, which can sometimes be doctored. Therefore, consider asking a close relative or friend for referrals. Also, you might want to meet with your provider before the visit to relate with them and see how it goes.

Bring Someone with You

You can ask a close friend or relative to take you to your gynecological exam to help make you feel comfortable. Having someone you trust can remove your anxiety and keep you active during the examination. You can decide if the person will wait for you on the premises or they will be with you in the exam room. However, be ready to adjust should your doctor require some private time with you. Some information can be sensitive to share in the presence of a third party. Remember that the exam should be highly confidential.

Talk to Your Doctor

One of the reasons you should look for a provider you trust is the ability to communicate with them. Talking to your doctor about your fears is important as they can help you understand better. Ask relevant questions where you need clarification. Remember that knowing what to expect can help you overcome anxiety. One major source of stress is the fear of the unknown. Discuss with your doctor what will happen during the exam in advance to mentally prepare for the same.

On the Exam

Please know that you control the gynecological exam as much as you think your doctor is. Understanding that can help you feel better about the visit and ease your worries. The only reason there will be an exam is when you are a hundred percent in. Ensure that you discuss what will happen in the exam thoroughly and make sure you only make informed decisions. A successful gynecological examination takes collaboration with your doctor.

Distract Yourself

It is essential to find distractions when you feel anxious about a gynecological exam. Talk to your doctor to understand if you can bring a few electronics to listen to music, watch funny videos, or play fun games. Ensure you work with your doctor to find the best way to get distracted during some trying times of the exam. However, remember to listen to the doctor when asking questions and give honest answers.

Regular gynecological exams are crucial to preserving your reproductive and sexual health. Get in touch with the Harbor Community Health Centers to find out more. Make a call today or seek a consultation appointment online.