Reviewing Your Favorite Bruce Banner Strain

With constant advancements in cannabis growing, there are several strains available on the market. Breeders may now choose to select certain characteristics and phenotypes in order to establish the strain they want.

Bruce Banner strain is an extremely powerful hybrid strain named after one of the most renowned and formidable superheroes. It is capable of soothing even the most stressed brains. This green monster is loaded with THC, with some variants having up to 30%.

Genetics Of Cannabis: What Is Bruce Banner’s History?

Bruce Banner is a mix between OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel that was created by Dark Horse Genetics’ Jason Holck. For those unfamiliar, Bruce Banner is a Marvel superhero who transforms into the Hulk when enraged or pressured.

It is often said that this strong strain of marijuana is capable of taming even this green monster, keeping him in his comfortable and timid human form, thus the strain’s name.

THC Concentration In Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner is a particularly strong strain, averaging 20% THC. Certain genotypes have been found to contain up to 30% THC! By contrast, the typical hybrid strain has just 13% THC. As a result, novice users should start with minimal dosages.

Bruce Banner Shatter, Edibles, Etc.

Edibles, shatter, and wax may be manufactured from any strain of marijuana, but Bruce Banner is an excellent candidate because of its high THC content. Its powerful, sweet flavor complements edibles nicely, but because of its great strength, you should use pre-vaped bud. If you are unable to get a vape, you may always decarboxylate your cannabis first. This will result in a far more pleasurable high.

Time For Bruce Banner Flowering

Bruce Banner flowers in around 8 – 10 weeks on average. Although certain genotypes are known to blossom sooner, it is suggested to wait at least eight weeks to allow buds to grow the maximum amount of THC possible.

Tips for Growing Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner is a fairly tough strain to cultivate and should therefore be avoided by inexperienced growers. Its plant is quite sensitive, and failing to maintain an appropriate atmosphere may have a significant influence on the total THC levels.

In comparison to other marijuana plants, Bruce Banner favors lower growth circumstances; temperatures should be maintained between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius in a semi-dry setting.

Yield of the Bruce Banner

This strain produces a yield that is comparable to that of its parent strain, Strawberry Diesel. Around 20 ounces of fresh bud may be expected for each plant, which equates to 550 grams per square meter. Given its high THC content, a single plant may surely go a long way!


With unmatched power that rivals that of the Hulk, this strain is not to be trifled with. This notoriety has elevated Bruce Banner to cult status, with all manner of cannabis enthusiasts and heavyweights vying for a piece. We may see more insane strains with THC levels we never imagined conceivable in the future, but for now, Bruce Banner reigns king.