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Every athlete risks sustaining an injury while working to be the best in the field. At times, you may dodge the injury but still suffer one. This is not the end as Dr. Ronald Hess West Chester is ready to walk with you if you want to stay on top of your health after an injury. His shared passion for sports makes him a good doctor in addressing sports injuries. He offers effective and quick treatment to help you get back on track as soon as possible. The doctor shows care toward every patient’s needs regarding their injuries.

What should you know about Sports Medicine?

The prevention and treatment relating to injuries you may sustain during a sporting and physical activity fall under sports medicine. Such injuries may include sprains, fractures, concussions, tendonitis, and cartilage injuries. After sustaining an injury, you may want to resume your activity as soon as possible. There are orthopedic surgeries, therapies, and athletic and rehabilitative training to help you get back to your game.

What Injuries can Sports Medicine Treat?

There are a variety of healthcare services that may be beneficial to you in the case of a sports injury. Below will be a discussion of the injuries and their treatment.

Torn Meniscus

A tear in the meniscus mostly arises when you rotate your knee with your full body weight on it. The meniscus cushions the shin and thighbones, causing pain and swelling. The accompanying signs and symptoms of a tear in the meniscus can include stiffness and pain in the knee and difficulty when stretching your knee. You may also experience a popping sensation around the injured area. Talk to your doctor if you notice any pain and swelling. The simplest treatment your doctor may recommend may include rest, ice on the swollen area, and OTC medications to relieve pain. Surgery may be an option if therapy and medications are not proven effective.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Tendons and muscles surrounding your shoulder joint comprise the rotator cuff. An injury to the rotator cuff mostly arises from repetitive motion, especially for people in certain professions like carpentry. Rotator cuff injuries cause a dull ache, come along with weakness in the arm and even disturb your sleep. However, not all rotator cuff injuries are painful. Your doctor will recommend imaging tests to determine the extent of the damage. Treatment will involve therapy, rest, and ice. You may also be a beneficiary of a surgical procedure to correct the injury.

ACL Injury

The anterior cruciate ligament plays a significant role as an important ligament in the knee. You are prone to an ACL injury if you are active in sports and physical activities. Applying pressure and stress on the knee when you suddenly change direction and get a forceful blow to your knee may cause an ACL injury. Your doctor may recommend an ACL reconstruction to replace the damaged ligament using a graft from your tendons. Successful reconstruction can restore functionality to the knee and its stability.

Seek an evaluation of any knee and sports-related injuries at Beacon Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. Your recovery process may take a long before you can attain full recovery, but the treatment will be worth it. Do not let an injury slow you down and keep you from enjoying your favorite activity. You can schedule an appointment when you visit the website.