Top 6 Ways You Can Gain from a Mummy Makeover

It is natural to experience physical body changes after pregnancy and childbirth. Unfortunately, such changes might fail to respond to your exercise and diet efforts and can affect how you feel about your appearance. Fortunately, Roslyn Heights mommy makeover specialists offer a mummy makeover to help you regain your pre-pregnancy body and improve your self-esteem. The treatment combines procedures targeting different body imperfections you might want to eliminate. It targets all areas of your body, delivering optimal results. Here are several ways you can gain from a mummy makeover.

Get Multiple Procedures Under One Appointment

One great benefit of seeking a mummy makeover is that it is one appointment with multiple benefits. Your provider can combine different cosmetic procedures in one session. Every procedure addresses a different issue, and you get overall results altogether. You get to save multiple appointment times. Also, getting multiple procedures means you only get a single round of anesthesia, which significantly minimizes our risks. It can even be cost-effective to combine different procedures that seek every treatment differently.

Take Some Years Off

A mummy makeover mainly focuses on your body, but you might still want to rejuvenate your facial appearance. Aging is inevitable, but you can correct some signs associated with the natural process. Talk to your doctor to incorporate anti-aging treatments into your mummy makeover plan. Your provider can include Botox, dermal fillers, or other treatments to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Facial procedures can also be done as the finishing touches of your mummy makeover, delivering a youthful and glowing appearance.

Eliminate Fat Rolls

Weight gain is common with pregnancy. Doing crunches can help you shed some calories, but it might not be good enough to eliminate stubborn pockets of fats that budge and appear on certain parts of your body. Fortunately, your doctor can incorporate liposuction as a body sculpting procedure during your mummy makeover. The procedure can get stubborn fat pockets even in hard-to-reach body parts.

Get Youthful Breasts

Breasts are significantly affected by pregnancy and breastfeeding. You might notice your breasts drooping and sagging from your loved perky twins. Fortunately, many providers consider breast enhancement the second priority in a mummy makeover. Your provider can perform a breast lift to restore your drooping breasts to a higher and more youthful position. Also, they can plump up deflated breasts through customized implants.

Flatten Your Abdomen

The abdomen area is mostly affected by pregnancy due to stretching and loosening of the abdomen muscles. You might end up feeling less of your esteem after you enjoy the gift of your womb. No matter your efforts to regain your pre-pregnancy weight, the loose muscles, and flabby skin can stay behind. Fortunately, your procedure can include a tummy tuck to your mummy makeover plan to eliminate the loose skin and tighten your abdominal muscles. 

Psychological Benefits

A mummy makeover got more physical gains to offer to you. However, it cannot go without mentioning that it contributes to your emotional and mental wellness. It helps you regain confidence in your body and improve how you feel about yourself. You get to love the new you, which boosts your quality of life.

Get in touch with the Plastic Surgery Associates of Long Island specialists if you think you can gain from a mummy makeover. Schedule a consultation appointment today via phone call or get online to get started.