What can you include in Your Weight Management?

Managing your health can help you avoid overweight issues that may lead to serious health complications like high blood sugar and hypertension. Excess weight may also lead to embarrassment, negatively impacting your social life. Dr. Kalpana Desai has different options and suggestions to maintain a healthy weight, leading to overall good health. Different strategies can help you lose and manage weight effectively to meet your body goals. You can practice the following as a startup to a healthy weight.

Eating Low Fat Foods

Low-fat foods contain fewer calories and fats, and you can read this information on your food label. You can achieve a healthy weight by sticking to a low-fat diet and including a variety of natural and nutritious dishes. Saturated fats have high cholesterol levels, which may increase your risk of heart disease and health complications. You can include dairy products that are fat-free in your diet daily. You should also include fruits, oils, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins. Low-fat diets are helpful towards a healthy life, thus giving you a healthy weight, heart, and general wellness. You can always seek your doctor’s advice on the correct diet you can employ for a healthy weight.

Eating Small Food Portions

Eating a few food portions can be a helpful approach to maintaining a healthy weight. Small portions do not necessarily mean you go hungry, but these strategies help to reduce the calories you consume. You can start by including half your plate with vegetables because they contain a lot of fiber and water. Secondly, including protein with every meal makes you feel full more than when you consume fats and carbohydrates. You can consume lean protein sources like eggs, seafood, and dairy.

Regular Exercise

Maintaining a healthy weight may mean being physically active because the body tends to use more calories when you are active. Your doctor can recommend aerobic activities and strength training as exercise guidelines. Aerobic activities can include jogging, swimming, and dancing, and these activities keep your blood pumping and your heart rate up. You may also exercise on a treadmill and stair stepper. Strength training exercises, on the other hand, include exercising with weights. Weight training helps you lose fat and build muscles, which leads to burning calories. A small exercise can go a long way in helping you maintain a healthy weight.

Drinking More Water

Drinking water can help you maintain weight, especially by burning more calories. The results may be better if you drink cold water because your body will need more energy to heat the water to normal body temperature. Water can also be a natural way to maintain weight since water has no calories, preventing the long-term possibility of gaining weight. You can also have water before eating to lower your appetite, especially if you are middle-aged.

You can talk to your healthcare providers at Integrated Family Medical Center if you consider weight management options. Your medical team will create a working management plan that suits your body’s goals. You can always discuss the benefits of every procedure before settling on one. Call the facility today to request your online appointment.