3 Major Things To Know About The Pico Laser Treatment

Many of us base our first impressions on the appearance and health of the skin, so it’s normal if you’re dissatisfied with how your skin appears. However, just because you’re dissatisfied with how your skin appears right now doesn’t mean there’s zero hope for the future. With Pico laser, you can improve your skin without surgery, needles, and long downtime.

What’s Pico Laser Treatment?

Pico laser in Singapore is a piece of equipment utilized in the cosmetic dermatology business to fix any skin issue via non-surgical laser skin treatment sessions.

With this cutting-edge technology, tattoos, stretch marks, acne scars, birthmarks, freckles, wrinkle-smoothing, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and other skin concerns may all be erased quickly. Pico laser, unlike other laser skin treatments, may be utilized on the whole body and on all skin types.

Is the Pico laser Effective?

Pico laser in Singapore is effective. Unlike typical laser acne scar removal treatments, which expose your fragile skin to extreme temps on a constant basis, Pico laser converts the powerful laser energy into gentle pressure. Because of the pressurization process, the energy compresses your new skin cells, prompting them to produce new elastin and collagen without discomfort. This technique will cause no skin damage or burning, and there will be minimal to no downtime afterward. All you’ll observe is that the skin is healthier and more vibrant.

The treatment’s advantages will become apparent gradually as the body’s natural healing mechanism kicks in. Most people see changes within the first two or three weeks after their first session. Your results will increase until your final session or you will get the required goal.

How Long Will The Pico Laser Last?

The results of your initial round of treatment should last for a long period. Pico laser treatments should assist the majority of patients for at least 6 months before they begin to fade.

For certain skin concerns, like scar and tattoo removal, the benefits of this procedure are considered permanent. This is due to the precise technique used to address these problems, as well as the Pico laser technology completely breaking up pigmented lesions, tattoo pigment, and scars.

Three Important Facts About the Pico Laser Treatment Procedure


Consultation and prepping. Many patients who are unsure about starting laser treatments would like to know what to anticipate from the start to the finish of the Pico laser procedure. Your treatment strategy will include the following components:

Before any laser appointments, you’ll be asked to have a consultation so that we may discuss your plan of care, treatment objectives, and proper expectations for this process. We’ll need to examine your skin, particularly the areas you’re worried about. We might request more details about you, including your preferred skincare regimen and any past cosmetic procedures.

They also ask you to prepare for your treatment in advance, like scheduling it a minimum of two weeks before or after other kinds of treatments, like numbing cream, chemical peels, or other laser procedures. To prepare for your Pico laser treatment, you’ll need to follow advice such as not using retinoids for two to four days before the session and preventing tanning beds and direct sun exposure.

Treatment Consultations And Recovery

Many patients are actually surprised to learn that Pico laser treatment visits last just 15-30 minutes. The Pico laser procedure is a quick five-minute appointment that may be arranged for a few hours of your day, enabling you to continue your daily activities immediately. The duration of each visit is determined by the number of regions of your skin that must be treated.

There is no downtime with this process. In actuality, most patients are able to resume their normal daily activities, such as work, errands, and light exercise. Except for a couple of aftercare instructions, there are a few common side effects of your session.