6 Debunked Myths Revolving Around Constipation

Many people misunderstand the mechanism involved in a bowel movement to eliminate food waste from the body. A human being should have a bowel movement at least three times a week. However, if you have extremely low frequency in bowel movements, it could imply that you suffer from Anchorage constipation. Although this condition can improve after a few days, chronic constipation can last for weeks, necessitating immediate medical attention. While seeking treatment, you should understand the following debunked myths concerning constipation.

Individuals Should Have the Bowel Movements Daily

While some people have one bowel movement each day, others could go a few days without a bowel movement. Some individuals could even have two bowel movements in a single day. However, if you exceed two times a day, it could also imply that you have a digestive complication. Defecating more often per day indicates that you suffer from diarrhea which may occur when you have had sudden dietary changes.

Constipation Causes Toxins

Many people claim that constipation can make the toxic constituents in the stool get back into the body, causing diseases such as asthma and arthritis. However, the reality is that there is no empirical evidence to support this claim since constipation alone is not a disease.

You Only Have to Increase the Intake of Fiber

Sometimes, you could fall short of the fibers in the body, which could be the reason for your constipation. In that case, gradually increasing the proportion of fiber food such as fruits and vegetables in your diet is a good idea. However, this measure will not always improve your constipation, especially when it is caused by other medical conditions such as muscular dystrophy.

Constipation Is Unavoidable With Age

Although constipation is common in older adults, young individuals can also get this condition. In addition, there is no supportive data for the claim that healthy aging will trigger constipation. In whichever case, you should seek a general health check-up to assess your digestive system within your life.

Drinking More Water Is the Only Remedy

Water is crucial for your health, and drinking eight glasses of water per day is recommended. However, you may be tempted to increase this intake whenever you have an infrequent bowel movement. The intake will only help you if you have a hard stool. Otherwise, excessive water intake will fill the urine in your bladder.

Holding It Is the Key

Sometimes you may feel like your schedule is too busy for the constipation urge. However, the reality is that disregarding this urge will only make your constipation symptoms worse. Therefore, you should always have time for a bowel movement after your meals. Anytime you have the call of nature, you should never hesitate to answer.

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