Causes of Wrist Pain

The wrist is one of the most overlooked body parts, regardless of playing a critical role. The wrist helps to perform basic movements such as writing and texting. Since it carries out many functions, it will likely suffer an injury. When the pain occurs, it could affect an individual’s daily activities and quality of life, making them seek treatment. If you are suffering from the condition, wrist arthroscopy Chula Vista is the best solution. The following are the common causes of wrist pain. 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

 The median is one of the three primary nerves found in the individual’s forearm. The problem happens when the median nerve is pinched or compressed. Since the median nerve is situated on the palm side of your hand, you are likely to have a sensation on the thumb, index finger, ring finger, and middle finger. This nerve will also cause an electrical impulse on the muscle moving to the thumb. In addition to wrist pain, the condition can cause weakness, numbness, and tingling in the region around the thumb.

Wrist Injury

The wrist injury also causes pain. For instance, when you catch yourself, the wrist is the most common area to be injured. You can have bruising, swelling, or disfigured joints near the wrist. In some instances, wrist symptoms may result from fractures, ligament tears, or tendonitis. There are other instances where the nerve tissue around the tissue can be harmed without injuring the bone.


This is an inflammatory arthritis type caused by the buildup of uric acid. After the uric acid is produced during digestion, it is dissolved in the blood and excreted through urination. If the body produces excess uric acid, there could be an acid buildup. It may be deposited in the individual’s joints, causing swelling and pain at the wrists, feet, knees, and ankles. High uric acid causes are overconsumption of alcohol, obesity, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and diabetes.


It is a disease that causes joint inflammation, stiffness, and swelling in the affected part. Arthritis can be caused by factors such as wear and tear, overworking hands, and aging. One arthritis that affects the hand includes rheumatoid arthritis, where the immune system attacks the joints and wrist lining. The other arthritis is osteoarthritis among older people, which happens due to the breakdown of the cartilage that covers the joints. Arthritis can be caused by obesity, untreated infections, and smoking and joint injuries due to overuse.

Keinbock’s Disease

This condition makes the lunate bone in the individual’s wrist break down due to low blood supply. The person with this problem suffers from wrist pain, decreased grip strength, and swelling. This condition can be solved through splinting, medication, or surgery.

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