Dazzling Benefits of PDO Thread Lift You Should Know

The effects of aging can be frustrating because they can cause your skin to sag and form wrinkles. As a result, most individuals afraid of these effects tirelessly spend fortunes restoring a more youthful appearance by tightening skin and eliminating wrinkles. Recently, PDO thread lift Downey has been one of the aesthetic solutions to sagging skin you can choose. The procedure has been gaining a reputation as it has several benefits. The following are some dazzling benefits of PDO thread lift you should know.

Immediate Lift

PDO thread lift is integral in supporting and repositioning sagging skin from aging. During the treatment, your practitioner inserts absorbable mechanical thread into the deep skin layer. Since the thread is a biodegradable polymer, your body absorbs it gradually over time. The thread fosters the production of collagen, hydraulic acid, and elastin to provide a more lifted and youthful appearance.

PDO Thread Lift is Safe

Repairing your face using a PDO is secure and does not lead to allergy. The material has been in the market for the last 30 years for closing wounds in diverse medical sectors such as plastic surgery, gynecology, and eye surgery. The PDO thread dissolves in your body between 6 and 12 months.

The Procedure Is Non-Surgical

One of the main benefits of the thread lift is that it does not involve any surgery. As a result, it does not involve local anesthesia, downtime, or incisions. Furthermore, it reduces the risks of side effects such as allergies and other surgery-related problems. Your healthcare provider only inserts the thread in the superficial skin layer, which is different from the invasive facelift. PDO thread lift is also pain-free as the doctor can apply the numbing agent on the targeted site. 

Variety of Types to Address Unique Aesthetic Objectives

The procedure is highly customized based on your skin type, worries, and texture. A PDO thread comes in three types which can be combined with others for effective treatment to help address your need. PDO mono threads are vital in stimulating the body’s natural creation of collagen. Besides, PDO cog threads lift and anchor your skin, aiming to add defection to your facial features. The PDO screw threads are responsible for increasing the volume of the hallowed part.

Works Well With Other Anti-Aging Procedures

Usually, your doctor can use threads and dermal fillers to achieve more enhanced results. For example, when used together with dermal fillers, PDO thread lift effectively address the issue of sagging skin and volume loss resulting from the effects of aging. As a result, it creates a complete approach to dealing with aging signs by boosting the appearance of droopy eyebrows and sunken cheeks, and sagging jowls.


Since the procedure is non-invasive, it only requires a short appointment. The procedure only needs 15 to 30 minutes based on the site your specialist will address. Therefore, you can fit this procedure even during your busy schedules. Besides, the solution is reversible, unlike a facelift that develops permanent results because it is surgically done.

The effects of aging can be devastating as they lead to sagging of skin and change the overall appearance. If you want a more youthful appearance and tighter skin, consider Younger World Med Spa, located in Downey, California. The Spa offers comprehensive PDO thread lifts to reduce jowls and wrinkles in the eyes and lower face, led by David Gutkin. Visit, Call or book online today to schedule an appointment with the Spa.