Everything You Need To Know About Kush Mints Seeds

The quality of parent genetics is a defining factor of the top strains in the cannabis market. The Kush Mints plant is one kind that inherited all of the most outstanding qualities from its parents.

This strain, a hybrid of Animal Mints and Bubba Kush, is excellent for winding down or getting energized. Everything you need to know about Kush Mints Seeds is included in this article. 

How And Where Did The Kush Mint Strain Emerge? 

This variety, also known as Kush Mintz, is a staple in the industry and is well-regarded by consumers and breeders alike.  Beautiful, thick blooms and buds covered in milky white trichomes sit above purple-tinged green nugs in this strain.   

Like many of Seed Junky Genetics’ top-shelf strains, Kush Mints has made its way onto menus at pot shops around the country.  Animal Mints was crossed with Bubba Kush to create this well-rounded hybrid with the same earthy, minty taste profile and powerful high as traditional Kush strains.   

The Appearance and Flavor of Kush Mints

Kush Mints are whole marijuana plants grown indoors and picked for their minty flavor. Their fan-shaped, green leaves are between medium and enormous.

The buds have an inimitable flavor of just-harvested Kuskus and a robust and unique aroma that can only be described as minty.

Some varieties of Kush Mints have been tested at 24% THC by weight, making them among the most psychoactive edibles available. The mints are the only edible option. However, pre-rolls and oil are also available. You may consume the Kush mints, which have the ideal THC ratio to CBD.

Effects Of Kush Mint Strain

This kind is ideal for daytime use or uses in a group situation. The high levels of THC and CBD will calm your mind and body while giving you a positive mood and a burst of energy. Many who have tried Kush Mints attest to feeling more relaxed and focused after only one mint.

This strain has a pleasant fragrance reminiscent of chocolate mint, with additional, distinguishable citrus undertones.

Experience with Kush Mints

Kush Mints have a refreshingly distinct mint flavor that hits you when you take a drag. The mint flavor and scent are most noticeable, with some underlying earthiness. When you take a deep breath, a wave of calm travels through your body and out to your extremities. Some individuals store this strain specifically as a nighttime mint on their pillows. Even if smoking Kush Mints on a full stomach helps you avoid late-night Taco Bell, you’ll still need a lot of willpower to avoid binge eating.

When the high finally settles into your body, as with many strains, you’ll experience a pleasant sedation that brings back fond memories of why you smoked pot in the first place.   

For this reason, you may have overheard some users claiming they chose Kush Mints as their preferred late-night smoke or after-dinner delicacy. You’ll also hear that the smoke of Kush Mints isn’t unpleasant despite its potency because of its refreshing minty undertones.