Facts You Must Know About Female Hair Transplant

Since the current society still considers personality and appearance when making personal or professional decisions, female hair loss would be even more difficult than it is for men.

Women are currently on an equal footing with men in every way thanks to the empowerment, which has undoubtedly brought about some changes. The prevalence of hair loss in women has significantly increased as a result of lifestyle and environmental changes that also affect females. The underlying causes are still present, but the prevalence of hair loss in women today is rising as a result of the contributing factors.  The world of medicine has undergone revolutionary change as a result of scientific advancements, and there are now numerous treatments for illnesses that were previously incurable. Due to revolutionary changes in the cosmetic industry, these procedures have become extremely popular.

Due to increased aesthetic awareness among the populace and the accessibility of these procedures in the present due to a saturated market, the cosmetic industry, which was previously only embraced by high profile patients and celebrities, is now well-liked by regular people as well. 

The most effective option for treating hair loss is a “hair transplant,” which is a restorative method of treating baldness. 

Let’s examine how effective the hair restoration procedure is at treating female genetic baldness.

Female hair transplant

It was misunderstood that hair transplantation was only an option for men; women can also undergo the procedure. Both men and women can benefit from a female hair transplant. Because female baldness is different from male baldness in that it includes central thinning rather than baldness, females choose hair transplants less frequently. In comparison to a similar area of baldness in a male, the female needs more hair grafts to cover the central thinning areas. 

The availability of hair follicles in the donor area determines whether a hair transplant is feasible. The permanent roots are abundant in the areas where the hair grafts are harvested, and these hair grafts are then immediately transplanted at the desired bald area. 

In both male and female hair transplant procedures, the techniques used are similar. The following is a list of these methods: 

  1. FUT (Follicular unit transplantation or strip technique)
  2. FUE (follicular unit extraction)

The way that hair grafts are harvested distinguishes these techniques. Each of these hair transplantation methods has indications and restrictions that are taken into account when choosing the method. Females prefer the FUT hair transplant method for various reasons. The following justifications are provided:

  1. More follicular grafts are needed: Since female hair loss is characterized by central thinning, more follicular grafts are needed when performing female hair transplants. The FUT hair transplant technique is recommended when a higher yield of hair grafts is required because it can successfully harvest between 3000 and 3500 hair grafts. As more hair grafts are harvested from a much smaller area, this technique also prevents overharvesting. 
  1. Avoid shaving your head: Women should generally avoid shaving their heads because it might make them feel self-conscious. FUT hair transplantation appears to be a great option because it can be done without shaving. 

Male and female hair transplant procedures differ from one another in terms of basic techniques, and female hair transplant is more difficult than male hair transplant. Shaving is completely avoided in females, and the transplantation site is prepared with tiny cuts. Extreme caution must be exercised to prevent damaging the hairs that already grow nearby these micro-slits, which are prepared with great precision under strong magnification. 


Females’ hairlines are designed very differently from men’s because, in contrast to men, females cover their receding hairlines and temporal triangles. Age, facial features, and the patient’s individual needs all affect the pattern of the hairline. 

Due to the procedure’s complexity and sensitivity to technique, female hair transplant costs are higher than those for males. 

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