Faith-based Recovery: A New and Foolproof Treatment to Your Drug Abuse

While being a victim of the drug abuse, you often find that no treatment is helping you. If you’re among those who have lost all hope trying to overcome your condition,but without any luck, here’s a ray of hope for you, Faith based recovery.

Faith-based recovery might be your best bet. Even if you do not have a spiritual background, this spiritually therapeutic treatment can do wonders for you. Genesis Recovery is one such rehab center that offers the addict that promotes individual growth- spiritually, for a lasting effect. They combine faith-based treatment, 12-step and clinical modalities.

Such centers intend to provide its residents with opportunities to embrace their faith and enhance it multifold by engaging in activities that would bring them closer to the greater power. The mindful activities towards better self-care,which are performed either alone or in a group after creating a trust circle, are- Meditation, Mindfulness among other techniques.

Let’s take a look at various benefits of this spiritual journey into oneself:

  • By embarking on this spiritual journey, one is on the road to self-awareness, which is the foremost and the most vital of the steps. This is because once the reason behind your addiction is known, it gets easier to gain control over the urges to repeat the same. Putting faith in God to guide you towards sobriety and help you fill that void.
  • It is proved through research that when a person has religious prohibition of substance abuse, it is less likely for him to go on that path. Although, the religion alone won’t be enough for some people to remain sober. We can definitely say that it plays a major role in reducing the relapse.
  • Many believe that abstaining from the abusive substances is what means to recover. In reality, abstinence is only a part of the whole process of recovery. It is surely the first step among a holistic change.This change requires you to alter your behavior, lifestyle and also the way of your thinking. Believing that God has way better things in store for you, and putting faith in the ultimate plan is what gives you the final push towards full recovery.
  • Sometimes the abuser tends to lose hope and feels that the world is conspiring against his recovery. Instead, when you tie your hopes on the almighty God rather than your fellow beings, you feel a shift in your focus. Leaving your past behind, you find regained confidence in yourself and in God.
  • Nothing motivates you more than someone who has already been through the journey you are currently on.They would be your guide to navigate your through the process to your recovery.
  • Building a stronger relationship with the God or a higher power might help you not only throughout the process, but mainly, after the sessions end.

Along with the conscious activities you go through during your time at the rehab center, you’ll also be undergoing some medical treatments and therapies in order to help you regain your life with its peace and balance.