Opioid Addiction – Everything You Need to Know

Opioid belongs to a group of narcotics that helps the patient or any person to deal with pain. Mostly used in case of surgery, injury, or Cancer cases. Also,patients use it for severeheadache and back pain. However, using too many opioids can be proved to be dangerous for a person. Here we are going to discuss how opioids can lead to substance abuse.

Where to get the treatment for dealing with substance abuse?

Most people nowadays are getting into substance abuseand to help them many recovery rehab and treatment centers have been situated like addiction recovery center Pacific beach. However, among all the centers, it is difficult to find the appropriate one.

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About Opioids

As mentioned above Opioids are the narcotics that are used in case of persistent pain. It helps the patient to get relief from it. There isa variety of opioids for example codeine, fentanyl, morphine,oxycodone, etc.

Opioids when get administered to the body they bind to the Opioid receptor of the nerve cells of various master organs like the brain and spinal cord and other parts of the body. These Opioids actas inhibitors and inhibit the signaling by which the nerve cells send the stimulus of pain to the spinal cord and brain and hence the pain gets reduced.

Why Opioids are dangerous?

Despite the advantage over pain relief, it also possesses some side effects like nausea, constipation, sleepiness, shallow breathing, slowed heart rate, etc. However, one of its major drawbacks is that over time it gets addictive to the consumer.

When it is taken over a long time it starts slowing down the production of endorphins from the brain. However, in general, Opioids trigger the brain to release endorphins, which act as a neurotransmitter and make the person feel good. This can, later on, make the person’s demand for Opioids even more.

Risk factors for opioid addiction

There are various risk factors for Opioid addiction. So, here are some of them:

  • Not following the prescription and the way of its administration
  • Not taking proper dosage as mentioned in the prescription
  • Heavy tobacco use
  • Stressful environment
  • Prior drugs or rehabilitation

How to take opioids safely?

There are certain things that one should follow while following the Opioids medication like taking the proper dosage, following the prescribed manner of administration, in case you are developing any tolerance immediately consult with your doctor about it.


In case, you or any of your closer person is following Opioid medication make sure to follow the instructions of your doctor properly so that you can avoid the high risk of addiction. If you got addicted take the help of the rehabs and treatment centers where they will help you to get rid of opioid addiction.