How Long You Will Suffer Withdrawal Symptoms And How To Manage Them

Detoxing from substances comes with numerous withdrawal symptoms. While some of them are mild symptoms, and symptoms like seizures can be severe. Knowing how long these symptoms last and how you can deal with them can encourage and speed up the recovery. 

It often happens because of the symptoms like shaking. At the same, it is when people wonder how long do withdrawals last. However, finding a reputed detox facility like the detox to rehab New York can ease the potential severe withdrawal symptoms. They provide all the support you need with every step you take towards your sobriety and addiction-free future. 

In that case, let us tell you how long the symptoms last and how to minimize them. 

How long do withdrawal symptoms last?

Generally, the symptoms of withdrawal last for 3-7 days. However, the exact span depends on the substance the person is abusing. At the same time, the length of symptoms also depends on the severity of the drug abuse. It lasts for days, weeks, and even months as the body needs much time to flush out the substance thoroughly from your system.

  • Short-acting Opioids withdrawal symptoms appear 8 to 24 hours after drug use and last for at least 4 to 10 days.
  • Longer-acting Opioids signs start within 2-4days after using it and linger for a minimum of 10 days. 
  • Benzodiazepine withdrawal starts within 1-4days of using it and rises in the first two weeks.
  • Alcohol withdrawal symptoms trigger within 2-4hours after the last drink and rise in the 24-28hours after the drinks.

How can you minimize the symptoms?

To minimize the withdrawal symptoms, you can keep yourself hydrated, maintain a healthy sleep schedule and eat balanced meals. At the same time, you should exercise regularly, meditate, do yoga, and go for massage therapy or chiropractic session. You can also talk with a counselor, therapist, or a close drug-free friend.