How To Deal With Common Dental Problems?

Unfortunately, dental problems, like health problems, have become typical for many people. Most common dental issues include cavities, tooth wear, missing teeth, etc. One should contact a Los Gatos dentist in case of any dental problem and ensure to seek the necessary treatment. 

Besides seeking an appointment with the dentist, it will also help if you take some precautions to reduce dental problems. You should also be aware of how you can deal with common dental problems, as it will help you to seek treatment accordingly. 

Dealing with common dental problems: 

  • Missing teeth 

Losing permanent teeth has become more common than any other dental problem. When someone loses a permanent tooth, not only does it create a gap in their smile, but it also impacts their ability to chew food. Losing a permanent tooth can also increase the chances of other teeth shifting abnormally, resulting in a crooked bite. 

In such cases, it will be best to consult a dentist in Los Gatos as there is no remedy for losing a permanent tooth but seeking dental treatment. The dentist might advise you to get a tooth replacement to restore the gap in your smile. 

  • Infections

Dental infections are known to cause pain. Dental infections can result in heightened sensitivity to hot and cold substances. The reason behind such infections can likely be an issue with an existing restoration, such as a deep cavity or a crown. When oral bacteria enter the tooth’s interior, it can lead to severe dental infections such as a dental abscess. 

If you experience such conditions, you should contact a dentist and ask them to take an x-ray to derive an extensive and detailed view of the problematic tooth with an infection. In most cases of infection, you must undergo a root canal to remove the infection and restore the tooth with a crown. 

  • Excessive wear 

Sadly, healthy teeth can wear down as one age. Excessive tooth wear is an inevitable part of the aging process. The deterioration can increase by any material that can potentially damage the enamel of your teeth which is the protective layer of the tooth structure. Eating or drinking substances containing too much sugar can lead to excessive wear. 

Veneers or dental bonding can restore excessively worn-out teeth. It can cover your teeth, provide a protective layer, and enhance the look of your teeth. Veneers and dental bonding can also reduce tooth sensitivity in areas where the enamel has worn out.