Natural Beauty With A Boost – Why Choose Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions have been around for years, and their variety and complexity have opened the dream of wonderfully long lashes for all women to experience. Like the hair from your head replenishing itself with new follicles, eyelashes work the same way. We lose at least one eyelash every day. For those who have glamorous, long, batting-my-eyes-because-I-can lashes, this is not a problem. However, for the remaining population representing the genetically affected, short, sparse strands that always need a heavy coat of mascara, help is needed. 

Eyelash extensions are comprised of synthetic material that is attached to your eyelash individually, not your skin. Beauticians use a lash adhesive that is formulated to create a solid bond with your existing lashes allowing your newly created longer lashes to look natural and flexible. This painstakingly laborious process usually takes anywhere from one to two hours to complete.


Applying eyelash extensions requires a professional with the ability to customize the total volume of lashes you wish to have. Single-strand eyelash extensions are, as discussed earlier, applied to one single strand at a time to lengthen your existing length. 

Cluster or 3D eyelash extensions are applied by adding multiple strands to your single lash to create fuller lashes. While they are more natural looking than applying false lashes, 3D lashes do not have the same natural look as single-strand extensions. 


A healthy human grows a new set of eyelashes every 6 to 12 weeks, and with proper care, these eyelash extensions will last the full cycle of your eyelash growth. The difference between extensions lasting two days to two weeks is the adhesive and aftercare. Beauty professionals will have the best materials for the job, while you can pick some up at drug stores that have a more temporary lasting effect but look less effective than when done professionally.


Professionals will guide you through what length, thickness, and shape suits you best. Eyelash extensions require refills between 2 and 4 weeks because new clients are getting used to them and may not know how to take care of them effectively at first. If you decide not to have a replacement set, It’s best to let the beautician remove any remaining extensions instead of trying to on your own, as you will risk causing damage to your natural lashes. 

 If you’re feeling really fancy, you can get Russian eyelash extensions. They are naturally soft and feel very close to your regular eyelashes. They carry a heavier price tag than most eyelash extensions, typically depending on if you are getting both your top and bottom eyelashes done. 


So, what does the lash extension aftercare involve? Wait to get the extensions for the first 24 to 48 hours after application. Water may weaken the glue and make the bond brittle. Also, cleaning them with a soft brush or washing them with a special cleanser or distilled water is essential.

Avoid mascara or oil-based products near your new lashes. If you use eyeliner, use a water-based, non-waterproof product. 

It’s also important to avoid sleeping on your stomach as this could crush your lashes.

Whether you happen to be blessed with great eyelashes or simply use an effective mascara to get the look you want, eyelash extensions are an affordable way to enhance what you may lack in the appearance of your eyelashes. Longer eyelashes look great on every woman, and for this reason, the trend will be around for a very long time.