6 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Laser Therapy

The experience of having scars can be devastating and embarrassing. Scars on your skin are noticeable and affect your appearance, which may lower your self-confidence. If you are tired of living with the scar, Ueno Center Dental Specialists, through laser treatment, might be the answer. The scar-cutting technology addresses the problem, making them less noticeable. It is vital to know the fundamental facts before going for laser therapy to get remarkable outcomes and prevent severe side effects. Here are 6 interesting facts you should know about laser therapy.

  1. Laser Therapy Does Not Remove Scars

Most individual adverts talk about removing the scars completely, which is false. Scars are composed of diverse forms of collagen and are permanent. As a result, any treatment cannot erase them, regardless of whether the healthcare provider utilizes intense light. Normally, laser scar therapy minimizes itch, boosts the movement in the region with a scar, and avoids evidence of raised scar developed after treatment.

  1. There Are Different Types of Lasers

Knowing the different types of lasers is important to decide which type could work best for you. Lasers come in two types, namely, ablative and non-ablative treatment. Ablative laser treatment erases the thin outer layer, whereby the newly heated skin layer is tighter and smoother. Alternatively, non-ablative treatment facilitates more collagen production to enhance your skin tone and texture. These lasers are mainly effective for treating acne scars.

  1. Investing in Sun Protection Products is Ideal

In most cases, exposure to sunlight after laser scar treatment is undesirable. If you visit your healthcare provider with sunburn, there are high chances you may not be treated. You should ensure you attend treatment sessions with your natural skin tone. After the treatment, you should protect the skin with sunscreens until the addressed area heals; otherwise, other scars will develop.

  1. Results May Vary Depending On Your Dermatologist’s Skills

Even though laser therapy can heal your scar, the capabilities of your provider play a crucial role. If your practitioner does not have appropriate skills, you will likely suffer poor outcomes. You should ensure you select a certified cosmetic professional who can address your scars without adding more problems. 

  1. The Treatment May Involve Some Sessions

Notably, the ablative laser results are visible with only one session. However, results for non-ablative lasers require multiple sessions for desired results to show up. Moreover, the number of sessions necessary may depend on your skin condition’s nature and how your skin reacts to the treatment.

  1. Insurance Does Not Cover Laser Treatment

These procedures are relatively expensive. As a result, you may consider your insurance to cover the cost. Even though laser therapy assists in the removal of scar itch, insurance companies do not cover the procedure as they categorize laser treatment as cosmetic surgery. Therefore, your wallet will cater to the entire treatment cost.

Scars will continue to deteriorate your self-confidence and appearance if untreated. Therefore, it is high time you seek laser treatment from a board-certified specialist to prevent the development of other complications. At Ueno Center Dental Specialists in Campbell, California, a team of experienced and skilled experts offers conservative and cutting-edge laser treatment that will leave you smiling. To enjoy their services, visit their office or request an online appointment today.