7 Key Tips That Can Make Botox Effects Last Longer

Botox is one of the best solutions for aging skin as it helps you restore your youthful glow without the risks of invasive surgery or other cosmetic products. Unfortunately, the effects of Botox Chalmette injections wear off with time as your body naturally degrades the substances. Often, you should expect the outcomes to last between three to six months. Luckily for you, there are some measures you can take to make your Botox effects last longer. Continue reading to learn more.

  1. Avoid Sunlight Exposure

It is common knowledge that UV damage can cause premature aging by degrading collagen and destroying skin cells deep inside the dermis. First, Botox is unsuccessful against wrinkles and fine lines caused by UV exposure since they are not the result of muscle contractions. Furthermore, UV exposure induces an inflammatory response inside the cells that could degrade your Botox, diminishing its efficacy and shortening its longevity.

  1. Rehydrate Your Skin

Utilizing a high-quality face moisturizer is vital for maintaining smooth skin. Ideally, find moisturizers comprising hyaluronic acid and collagen. These components are especially effective since they maintain your skin looking healthy and firm and reduce the rate at which your facial muscles disintegrate Botox.

  1. Lower Your Stress Levels

Stress can lead you to frown unintentionally, scowl, and tension your muscles, putting pressure on the Botox-treated muscles. These effects could cause the outcomes of your Botox therapy to fade off more rapidly and sometimes even damage cells.

The stress hormone cortisol produces an inflammatory reaction inside the body. Continually heightened stress levels could accelerate the body’s disintegration of Botox and the aging process. Participating in stress-relieving activities like yoga and meditation can assist you in extending the lifespan of your Botox injections and reduce the effects of stress on aging.

  1. Avoid Using Nicotine

Vaping, smoking, and anything else containing nicotine break down collagen, destroy skin cells, and lower Botox treatments’ efficacy. Besides accelerating the appearance of the initial dynamic wrinkles, vaping and smoking generates fine lines around the eyes and lips that subsequent treatments cannot correct.

  1. Opt For Low-Intensity Exercises

High-intensity exercises boost your metabolism to burn calories and develop muscle more rapidly. Increasing your metabolic rate might cause your body to metabolize Botox more rapidly, leading it to break down earlier than anticipated.

However, this does not imply that you should not exercise or engage in intense exercises. Rather, you should incorporate more low-to-moderate intensity training into your routine.

  1. Consume Zinc Supplements

Several studies have demonstrated a correlation between the impacts of Botox and the body’s zinc levels. Numerous persons typically have a modest zinc deficit. After Botox injection therapy, regularly consuming a zinc supplement may help sustain the anti-aging benefits.

  1. Proper Nutrition

Your diet influences both the health and look of your skin. Avoid consuming packaged and processed meals, and reduce your sugar intake. Moreover, keep a healthy, stable weight. Excessive weight loss, particularly on the face, will diminish the efficacy and endurance of anti-aging treatments.

Botox has established itself as one of the most efficient non-invasive anti-aging treatments. Whether you desire Botox injections to erase fine lines and wrinkles or smooth out crow’s feet, the aesthetic specialists at ENT of New Orleans can help. Your physician will partner with you to understand your care objectives and help you establish a unique care plan that leaves you looking and feeling your best. Schedule a consultation today through mobile or book online.