Exploring the Relationship Between Cannabis and Weight: Myths, Realities, and Health Considerations

Research suggests that using cannabis might be linked to having a lower body weight, but we’re not totally sure how.

You’ve probably heard of the “munchies” – the strong desire to eat snacks after smoking weed. But some say smoking weed makes them eat less and lose weight.

Studies have looked into whether smoking weed helps with weight loss. One study in 2011 and another with young people showed that those who used cannabis regularly tended to have lower rates of obesity compared to non-users. A more recent study found that cannabis users had lower BMIs but ate more calories.

However, we’re not sure why this happens, and we can’t say that using cannabis is a good way to lose weight. Plus, using cannabis has its own risks.

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Experts have some ideas about why cannabis might be linked to lower weight:

  1. Increased mobility: Cannabis can help with pain and stiffness, which might make it easier for some people to be more active.
  2. Less alcohol consumption: Some think that people who use cannabis might drink less alcohol, which means fewer calories from drinks.
  3. Lower stress: Weed can help reduce stress, which might stop people from stress eating.
  4. Better sleep: Cannabis might help with sleep, which can affect weight.
  5. Faster metabolism: There’s evidence that cannabis can speed up metabolism, which could lead to lower body weight.

But using cannabis doesn’t lead to sudden weight loss. Instead, it might help with some things that can cause weight gain.

Some people might be surprised by this research because weed is often linked with snacking. Studies have shown that sales of junk food went up in places where cannabis is legal, but this doesn’t mean cannabis caused it.

We’re still figuring out how people can eat more but still lose weight while using cannabis. One idea is that there’s a balance between two substances in weed: THC, which makes you hungry, and CBD, which might stop some of THC’s effects.

But here’s the thing: while it might seem like smoking weed helps with weight loss, there’s no direct proof of that. It might help indirectly by treating things like pain and sleep problems, but it’s not a safe or recommended way to lose weight.

Smoking weed, like smoking anything, can damage your lungs and lead to health problems. And some people can become dependent on it, especially if they start using it at a young age.

So, while there’s some evidence that weed might affect weight, we need more research. And smoking, even just weed, is still harmful. If you’re thinking about using cannabis for health reasons, it’s best to talk to a doctor.