Maintaining Your Health; What You Need to Know

How do you preserve your health? Health occurs to us freely, but to maintain it, you need more. Access to quality healthcare is critical; your lifestyle choices matter too. Optimal health is essential for healthy living, including physical and emotional well-being. But have you found your healthcare provider yet? Contact Lenox Medical Clinic for all your family health needs and more. In this blog post, we look in detail at some of the health services you need to maintain your health and live a quality life.

Primary care

It involves your first contact with a medical care provider. It is essential as it helps you find treatments and prevent health issues. Your primary care provider also provides answers to all your questions regarding your health.

You can seek primary care for various health issues, including diabetes, asthma, cholesterol, allergies, and high blood pressure, among other health conditions. A primary care provider also offers annual exams, physicals, and vaccines.

A primary care provider recommends lifestyle choices and habits to improve your health. They evaluate your health history to gain a better understanding of your health. They also offer a comprehensive diagnosis that helps in providing quality treatments.

Pain management

You are likely to encounter pain at some point in life. Though sometimes it’s temporary, pain can affect your daily life, including productivity, mood, and work output. Pain management comes a long way in relieving pain and restoring your health.

Pain management helps alleviate pain from different issues such as arthritis, back pain, sports injuries, and chronic pain conditions. The treatments occur in various forms, including PRP injections.

Weight loss

Excessive weight is an enemy to your well-being. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential but does not come easily. You might need the help of a medical provider for effective weight loss.

Your provider may develop a customized weight loss plan to help you achieve your specific weight loss goals. It may include menu planning, appetite-suppressant medications, diet and exercise recommendations, and counseling support.

Medically supervised weight loss provides effective and lasting results compared to other weight loss methods.

BioTE- Bioidentical Hormone Supplement Pellets

Hormones are essential in various body functions. However, different issues may cause their decrease in production, which may harm your body. Hormone imbalance is common during menopause, which causes undesirable symptoms such as hot flashes, mood changes, erectile dysfunction, low libido, and depression.

BioTE bioidentical hormone supplement pellets restore your hormone imbalance, reinstating your health. If you are experiencing a hormonal imbalance, the treatment helps alleviate your symptoms.

IV Vitamin Infusion

It involves the administration of a mixture of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals with normal saline, into your bloodstream through the IV line in your arm. The vitamin mixture refreshes your body system, making you feel better.

You can benefit from IV Vitamin infusion therapy if you have dehydration, fatigue, infections, or after an energy drain.

There is a lot you need and can do to preserve and maintain your health. It’s even better when you partner with a healthcare provider. Contact Lenox Medical Clinic today to schedule your consultation and take your well-being to the next level.