Top Five Myths Concerning Warts

Maintaining healthy skin is a dream of almost everyone under the sun. You may think that having healthy skin only benefits your attractiveness, but this is not true. Healthy skin also boosts your body’s overall wellness since some virus gets into your body through the skin. For example, the human papillomavirus (HPV) can get into your skin and eventually ignite warts Scottsdale which can impair mobility, primarily when it affects your feet. Here are the myths that you need to stop believing about warts.

Warts are rare

The fact that you may not know someone who has ever developed this infection does not mean that wart is uncommon. Notably, this condition affects a significant proportion of individuals worldwide, especially the ones with a weak immune system. Children and persons with open sores on their skin are more likely to develop this condition. Warts have existed for a long time, and the fact that HPV has no cure makes them a common skin infection.

All warts are similar

Some people believe there is no disparity in all types of warts since HPV is the only cause. The truth is that different forms of warts vary depending on the severity and the location. For example, plantar warts are present in the sole of the feet, while periungual warts develop underneath the fingernails. Also, the specialists offer different treatment procedures depending on the type of warts. Therefore before seeking treatment, you should understand that warts are never similar.

Warts imply that you have a severe illness

Many people conclude that you must suffer from other chronic conditions whenever you have the growth of the wart. In reality, some kinds of warts are painless, and in most cases, they disappear on their own. Therefore, not all the warts types mean that you have other diseases. However, whenever you are concerned with the appearance of warts, you should visit a specialized dermatologist for a diagnosis.

Warts are not contagious

You may think that warts cannot be easily transmitted from one person since they affect the skin. The truth is that the HPV invades the opening on the skin and is located closer to the skin’s surface, where it quickly spreads to other persons. This virus is more prevalent in humid and populated places. Therefore, you should avoid walking barefoot in public places to reduce the risk of warts.

Warts are permanent

Some people claim that once you develop warts, you must learn how to live with them. The truth is that you can seek surgical or nonsurgical treatment to remove warts from your skin. Therefore, you do not have to go through the itching pain resulting from warts just because you hear some individuals claiming the condition is irreversible.

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