Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Freezing Your Eggs

Thanks to advances in medicine, women now have more options than ever before when it comes to managing their reproductive health. When you are ready to start a family, you can use birth control to control when to have children, and when you are ready, fertility treatments will help you create a family. Egg freezing might be a viable option if you want to postpone having children or safeguard your hopes of starting a family in the future. If you are interested in Newport Beach egg freezing, a fertility expert can offer quality services to preserve your future fertility. However, before choosing to freeze your eggs, you should know the procedure and its benefits.

Increasing numbers of women opt to freeze their eggs rather than risk losing them before they can have children. Here are some of the most prevalent reasons why people choose to freeze their eggs:

You can get children on your own time

Why should modern women, who may be everything from fighter pilots to CEOs, rush themselves out of chasing their ambitions? You may follow your passions, see the globe, and find the ideal partner to settle down with, thanks to freezing your eggs.

Eggs are in short supply

Every woman is born with her full complement of eggs. Approximately one million eggs are present in a female reproductive system at birth, but by the time a woman reaches menopause, very few eggs remain. Pregnancy rates average around 25% each month in a woman’s early 20s when she is at her peak fertility. Pregnancy rates drop precipitously beyond 30 for women, to 15% per month and 5% per month on average once they reach their forties. Egg freezing increases the likelihood of utilizing your eggs and having biological children in the future, even though early menopause and premature ovarian failure may also impair egg production.

Better quality

Infertility, birth abnormalities, and abortions are more common in older women because of the declining quality of their ovarian eggs. On the other hand, if you freeze your eggs, you can prevent them from spoiling. It implies that your eggs may be stored, thawed, and fertilized ten years after they were originally collected. That means a lady in her forties may have children using eggs from her thirties.

Chronic illness

Because chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer and other disorders might temporarily damage fertility or induce early menopause, some women may freeze their eggs before treatment. Once the ladies are declared cancer-free, they may plan to create a family using the fertile eggs collected from their ovaries before treatment.

To reduce anxiety caused by concerns about fertility

According to research, stress has been linked to a higher risk of infertility. Your odds of experiencing pregnancy difficulties increase in proportion to your life’s stress. It implies that being in a setting with constant pressure to conceive might cause unusually high-stress levels, which may have lasting effects. To have a kid when the time is appropriate, freezing your eggs gives you a chance to relieve pressure.

Security concerns dominate as the primary motivation for egg freezing. Egg freezing may provide peace of mind for women who worry they may have problems conceiving in the future. Freezing your eggs increases your chances of having children, but there is no assurance that they will result in a baby if your fertility declines.